Dr. Mila Pucar

Dr. Mila Pucar

Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia, Belgrade

Keynote lecture:
Impact of Climate Change and New Technologies on Development of Cities in the Future – Threats or Opportunities

Dr Mila Pucar worked in Banjaluka in the design studio as an independent architect, after which she worked in the Institute for Planning and Management Systems in Belgrade, as a researcher and architect. Сince 1980 had been working at the Institute of Technical Sciences (SASA) as a researcher and architectа and since 1994 she worked in the Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning in Serbia. At this Institute  she has had the title scientific advisor and professional title of leading planner and architect. Since retirement he has been working at this Institute as a permanent external associate. From 2010 to 2016 she was president of the Master Committee for Transportation, Urban Planning and Civil Engineering of the Ministry of Education and Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (MESTDRS). Mila is full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS). She has been presented with several awards and recognitions by professional and scientific institutions.

Mila has participated in educational activities as a guest lecturer (Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and Niš; International Summer School-International Workshop Information and Technology Transfer on Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Agriculture; Summer School of Urban Planning in Šipovo, Tara, Kruševac and summer school in Bač). Mila has lectured in specific subjects at the Faculties of Agriculture in Belgrade and Architecture and Civil Engineering in Banjaluka, where she taught to postgraduates Bioclimatic Architecture. She also lectured to Master’s students in Podgorica and to PhD students in Niš. She has mentored and co-mentored many PhD and Master’s dissertations as well as having been a member of numerous commissions for the marking and defence of master’s and PhD dissertations at several faculties.

Mila researches topics in the field of energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy sources in construction, bioclimatic architecture and urban planning, environmental protection, sustainable urban development, new methodological models for establishing resilient cities etc. She was the leader of many national projects. She has authored 3 patents and co-authored 13 more. Mila has given 35 introductory lectures or lectures by invitation. She is the author of the monograph “Bioclimatic Architecture – Sunrooms and Passive Solar Systems”, IAUS, 2006. She was co-author of the monographs “Bioclimatic Planning and Design – Urban Planning Parameters”, Zavet, 1993 and “Sustainable Development of Tourism in the European Union and Serbia”, IAUS, 2011. She is a member of international and national scientific associations and editor-in-chief of the journal Architecture and Urban Planning (Arhitektura i urbanizam) (IAUS) and a member of the editorial-staff of Spatium (IAUS).

Mila has participated in the design of several spatial, regional, detailed regulation plans and general plans. She has authored/co-authored 37 conceptual and main projects and 18 realized projects. She has participated in 9 architectural competitions and won 8 awards. Under the direction of Academics Branko Žeželj and Milan Pajević, she worked on developing a prefabricated SYSTEM 50, in which many buildings were designed and constructed throughout all the republics of former Yugoslavia.