Preliminary program

October 24, 2019 (Thursday)




Welcome Speech

Representatives from Ministries

Representative from the City of Belgrade

Prof. Dr. Branko Kovačević, President of AESS

Prof. Dr. Dejan Filipović, Dean of the Faculty of Geography

Prof. Dr. Milan Lojanica, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts

Prof. Dr. Borislav Stojkov, Conference Coordinator
The e-Future of Cities with Uncertain Social Outcomes


Keynote lectures I  –  moderator: Prof. Dr. Borislav Stojkov

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Müller
The Intelligent City – Transition Towards a More Environmentally Sustainable, Resilient and Socially Inclusive Urban Development

Prof. Dr. Arjan van Timmeren
Smart Tools and Strategies for Future Cities & Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Prof. Dr. Petar Petrović
Smart Manufacturing in Metropolitan Areas

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Giffinger
Smart City: Requirements for Sustainable Urban Development

Prof. Dr. Maroš Finka
The Cities as Innovation Hubs – Challenge for Planning



Coffee Break


Keynote lectures I  –  moderator: Prof. Dr. Borislav Stojkov

Dr. Mila Pucar
Impact of Climate Change and New Technologies on Development of Cities in the Future – Threats or Opportunities

MSc Om Prakash Mathur
Lecture title to be defined

Prof. Dr. Paulina Schiappacasse
Planned New Urban Expansion Areas In Europe. The Role of Technological Innovation in Enhancing Living Environments

Prof. Dr. Biljana Stojanović
Challenges in Materials and New Technologies for Buildings in Human Cities



Plenary session I – Exponential Technology Growth and City Development in the Future

Chairing:  Prof. Dr. Petar Petrović and Prof. Dr. Arjan van Timmeren

Aleksa Ciganović
Overcoming of Developmental Trauma by Architecture of Beliefs: Futurism of the Past From Millennium Origins of Belgrade Urban Planning

Santiago Sanchez Guzman
Drones, 3D Models and the Digital City: Exploring Digital Technology Tools and Methods in Future Urban Planning

Slavka Zeković
The New Industrial Policy of SERBIA and Possible Consequences on Urban Development

Aleksandra Stupar, Aleksandar Grujičić
Challenging Urban Chimera: Digital Stories from the City Multiverse

Andreja Cirman, Nataša Pichler-Milanović, Melita Balaš Rant
The Economic Potentials of Slovenian Urban Areas for Defining Key Urban Policies

Nemanja Vagić, Sanja Stojković
Possibilities of Applying Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Development of Cities in Serbia

Branislava Simić
Transformation of the Urban Morphology Under the Influence of the New Technologies 

Dušan Miladinović, Biljana Vrbaški, Bojana Kulačin, Olja Tolmač
Application of Urban Planning Instruments in  the  Implementation of New Technologies in the Course of  Planning Livable Spaces



Lunch Break


Plenary session II – Smart City and Opportunity of the Sustainable City – part 1

Chairing:  Prof. Dr. Rudolf Giffinger and Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernhard Müller

Prof. Dr. Vuk Bogdanović
The Role of Smart Mobility in Increasing the City Humane Values

Suat Çabuk, Seda H. Bostancı, Adem Erdem Erbaş
Renewable Energy Projects for the University Campuses in Turkey

Vanja Pavluković, Sanja Kovačić, Uglješa Stankov, Nikola Todorović
Cycling Tourism as a Tool for Sustainable Urban Development – Evidence from Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia)

Giulia Mura, Monica Bernardi, Nunzia Borrelli, Davide Diamantini
Evolution of Food Sharing Practices among Citizens. A Longitudinal Key Study in Milan

Dragan Nedić
Smart Planning, Management and Decision-Making Aimed at Preventing the Occurrence of Dangerous Events in the Space (Example of the Municipality of Obrenovac)

Milan Dimkić, David Mitrinović, Jelena Zarić, Srdjan Kovacević, Aleksandar Calenić
Urban Development vs. Alluvial Groundwater Sources – Belgrade Example

Samreen Sultan
Regeneration of Urban Precincts of Okhla Waste Management Zone



Poster session

Chairing:  Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Stupar


Gala Dinner – optional

October 25, 2019 (Friday)


Keynote lectures II  –  moderator: Prof. Dr. Velimir Šećerov

Prof. Dr. Miodrag Mesarovic
Technological Challenges and Risks for the e-Future of Cities

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matej Jaššo
Role of Social Media Concerning Public Participation and Promotion of City Identity

Prof. Dr. Dushko Bogunovich
Smart Resilience: Decentralising Infrastructure and Intelligence in the Auckland City-Region

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dillinger
Regional Principles for a Future-Orientated Planning and Building Culture by Case of Römerland Carnuntum in Lower Austria

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dejan Drajić
Towards a New Concept of Public Administration on Citizen Co-Created Mobile Urban Services

Prof. Dr. Branko Cavrić
Planning and Developing a Smart City in Africa: Limits and Prospects

Prof. Dr. Mina Petrović
Smart City and its Social Implications



Coffee Break


Plenary session II – Smart City and Opportunity of the Sustainable City – part 2

Chairing: Prof. Dr. Maroš Finka and Prof. Dr. Velimir Šećerov

Yanli Zhang
A Review of the Smart Sustainable Cities Research in China

Ljiljana Brašanac-Bosanac, Tatjana Ćirković-Mitrović, Goran Češljar, Ilija Đorđević, Saša Eremija
Negative Climate Changes Impact on Urban Forests and Green Spaces in Belgrade

Miodrag Ralević, Zdenka Radovanović; Simona Tajić
The Roads of Detection of the Future of Towns Development

Tatjana Mrđenović
Future of the City: Students’ Voice



Plenary session III – Social Aspects of New Technologies in Cities of the Future – part 1

Chairing: Prof. Dr. Paulina Schiappacasse and Prof. Dr. Mina Petrović

Svetlana Stanarević
New Technology as a Challenge to Security and Safety in Cities

Siniša Trkulja
Cultural Diversity in Smart City Development

Marijana Pantić, Jelena Živanović Miljković, Aleksandra Gajić
Demographic Change as Opportunity or Constraint for Technological Development and Economic Growth in Cities of Serbia

Milan Popadić
The City That’s not There: Urban Identity and the Public Imagination

Stefan Janković
Objects, Materialities and Novel Urban Ensembles: Rethinking Urban Politics along Speculative Metaphysics



Lunch Break


Plenary session III – Social Aspects of New Technologies in Cities of the Future – part 2

Chairing: Prof. Dr. Paulina Schiappacasse and Prof. Dr. Mina Petrović

Danica Šantić, Vlasta Kokotović Kanazir
“All Roads Leads to Belgrade” – Research towards City Preparedness for Future Migration

Milan Hussar, Sıla Ceren Varış
Practice Makes Smarter? A Focus on Turkish Smart City Practices

Miodrag Ferenčak
Genesis of Urbo-Morphology in the Future – some Choices for the Cities in Organized Planetary Societies

Daniela Szymańska, Wylon Mirosław
Trajectories of Demographic Development in Cities of Poland after Second World War

Jerry Kolo
Humanopolis: A Model of Future Cities




Chairmen Reports and Conclusions

Closing of the Conference

17:15 – 20:00

Field trip