Final Deadline Extension of Abstract Submission to 2nd May 2019

Dear colleagues,
So far, we have received abstracts from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and of course from Serbia.
The submission deadline for the e-FoC conference has been
extended until 2nd May 2019 !!!

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  • Dunja Kovari, May 27, 2019 @ 11:43 am Reply

    Good afternoon. sapartners is an Agency for Urban Design and Planning in Zurich, Switzerland, specialized in urban and territorial development with focus on Megatrends and Future Space. We concentrate both in our projects as well as in the field of research within our spacelab to questions as: How will Cities of the 21st century look like? How can technologies improve the quality of life towards an human digital age? If abstracts still can be sent in, please let us know. We work in an international network with ETH Zurich, Fraunhofer-Institut Germany etc.

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